One Night by Penny Matthews & Stephen Michael King

One NightTitle: One Night
Author: Penny Matthews
Illustrator: Stephen Michael King
Publisher: Scholastic
ISBN: 978-1-74299-027-9
Teacher’s Notes: One Night Teacher’s Notes

Themes: Christmas, Advent, Animals, Nativity, Gift, Present, Remembering, Community

The narrative of the nativity has been told and retold in a number of ways over the years. Together, Penny and Stephen create a new and beautiful re-telling where the animals of the world maintain the act of remembering, and in doing so create a space for something magical.

In a different slant to many of the Nativity stories out there the animals take on the act of remember the story of a baby born in a stable. The Owl tells the story of the star that shone so brightly, the Nanny Goat speaks of the sleepless night all the animals endured as they awaited something wonderful to happen while the donkey remembers that it was one of his kind that carried the mother of the child to the stable and the cows speak of how they gave the mother and father milk to drink.

The animals are both the actors and the storyteller in this whimsically illustrated book that has quickly made a huge jump up my list of favourite Christmas books. I cannot think of any illustrator that I’d invite to paint the Christmas story other than Stephen Michael King, he continues to bring colour and life to a tale that may seem old, this is the third book I own where he adds his imagination to the tale told from house to house over Christmas.

May there be many more…

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