The Great Library Clean of 2014

I’m in the process of cleaning my library so as to make room for a nursery.

The sacrifices we make eh?

So, I’ve got a number of “Doubles” that I’m willing to mail to people if they’d like a copy and live in Australia.

The catch is I expect a review of the book, 200 words or more so I can put up on this website.

I’ve done this type of thing before and people have been slack to respond with their reviews, so if you’re asking for a copy please please PLEASe take it upon yourself to have read the book and emailed me a review within a month of receiving the book.  Or bad things will start happening.

If you’d like more than one book I’m happy to send you the first two and the other books upon receipt of the book review.

I’m afraid it’s 1st in 1st served so jump on in and give me a holler if any of the book titles take your fancy.

The book list includes:


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