DVD Studio Pro

Yes it’s fruity time again!

Apple have announced the forthcoming version 3 of DVD Studio Pro, a free upgrade to Final Cut Pro that will handle HD.

And “Motion”, apparently a new 2D animation program, sans keyframes,

from a reviewer (www.digitalvideoediting.com)

But the most significant development I or anybody else saw from Apple–and possibly from any company at the show–was Motion 1.0.

Granted, it’s just a 2D motion graphics application, but it’s so incredible, so amazingly powerful that it easily gets my pick as the best innovation to come out of the NAB convention.

I’ve described Motion as a unique application, one that does away with (mandatory) keyframes and adopts a whole new approach to creating graphics and effects for HD and SD in real time. But what I haven’t emphasized is that, while it is unique, it’s also approachable. This isn’t one of those cute attempts by a software developer to be different for the sake of being different (a la MetaCreations). This is different in the way that Mac OS X is different from DOS. You have all of the deep control you would expect in a professional motion graphics application, but you also have a front end that begs the question of why this hasn’t been done before. I simply can’t describe it without being able to show you screen shots of the program in action. I’ll do that just as soon as I can get my mitts on a copy. In the meantime, I’ll try not to think about it too much because it kills me to know that such a thing exists and that I won’t be able to use it until this summer.

More info: http://www.apple.com

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